About CryptocoinsApp YOBIT

Yobit is one of the largest Cryptocoins Exchanges that is currently active. At the moment there are approximately 1100 Cryptocoins that are traded here which makes it a perfect place to do business. Be carefull though because YOBIT is really not for pussies but only for real men. Not much user information is availible on the website and support questions are often completely ignored. When you start trading at YOBIT you must do things by yourself and always check these issues first:     Wallet Status    Coin code   and   Wallet Version

Because of the enormous amount of coins on Yobit and the small amount of information availible there it is very hard to keep track of all your coins and their current worth. Because of that we have developed the CryptocoinsApp YOBIT. With this app you can quickly import all your coins and balances and update the YOBIT prices each day. Within minutes you get a clear picture from the value of all your coins and can make new buy- or sell-orders. You can also keep an eye on other coins by watching current and historic prices.

Features CryptocoinsApp YOBIT

  • Import new coins
  • Import User Balances
  • Update Daily Prices
  • Import coin information
  • Switch coins/wallet
  • Analyze Past/Present Wallet Value
  • Analyze Historical Prices
  • Import Trades Information

Price Information

The CryptocoinsApp YOBIT is not a commercial application. It has been made by the developer due to personal interest for trading on YOBIT. The application can be downloaded by everyone who is interested for only a small fee to cover operational costs.

Everyone who will download the application will have access to support but also to future releases of the application. There will be regular updates and bug-fixes but there will also be support for future developments in YOBIT such as API's.

Download Information

People who are interested to download the CryptocoinsApp YOBIT need to register their information below. After that they will receive a personal email with all information which is needed to obtain and install the CryptocoinsApp for YOBIT.

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Bitcoin Address:

Contact Information

If you have questions about anything which is mentioned on this website concerning the CoinsMarkets APP or how to install and use it then you can contact the webmaster directly on the email-address below.

Email address: Questions about CryptocoinsApp YOBIT.

Cryptocoin Codes

Is the coin on YOBIT really the coin you want to trade (after seeing the code) ? YOBIT handles their own codes for cryptocoins and they often conflict with codes for cryptocoins you will find on other Exchanges. Please check if both code and name are the same when sending coins from and to YOBIT. On this screen you can see an example of the current cryptocoin mismatches with CoinsMarkets:

CM code CM name YOBIT code YOBIT name
BCM Bitcoinmini BCM BitcoinMetal
BST BitSmart BST BitStone
BTG Bitgem BTG Bitcoin Gold
POLY Polytimos POLY Polybit
REC RoyalEmpireCoin REC Regal Coin
SPC SpicaCoin SPC SpikePrivateCoin
STAR StarCash STAR StarCoin

Wallet versions

Even after checking maintenance and code+name deposits/withdraws can still go wrong on YOBIT. This will happen when the cryptocoin-version of the coin-wallet on YOBIT is different from the wallet you send from/to. This still happens a lot, which is not surprising due to the enormous amount of wallets on YOBIT. Unfortunately YOBIT does not specify the wallet-version of the cryptocoins on their exchange. There is a coins info page but it only displays algo, supply and difficulty. We think YOBIT should definitely add the wallet versions of their coins on their website and we have made several requests for that.

When you send coins to and from a wallet on a different version then all coins will be lost. This will happen for example with XGTC and TES but probably with a lot of other coins too. For the moment it is sensible to make small test deposits/withdraws first when you start trading with new cryptocoins on YOBIT.

Wallet Status

Is the coin that you want to deposit/withdraw or trade not in Maintenance ? Lots of wallets are in maintenance at YOBIT and they can typically stay there for months. At the moment the following coins for trading with CoinsMarkets are in maintenance at Yobit:

Yobit does not display the status of coins directly on the website. To inquire if a wallet is in maintenance you need to click on the withdraw button on the BALANCES screen. If withdraws work the coin is not in maintenance. If the coin is in maintenance you will get the response: "Wallet status: Maintenance". On Deposits you will get also "Wallet status: Maintenance" or "No free addresses for such currency. Please try again in 2 minutes.".